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Wine Pairing with Food

“Renaissance Guide to Wine & Food Pairing” by Tony Didio, Amy Zavatto

There's a lot more to wine and food pairing than memorizing a few simple rules. The true connoisseur knows the subtleties...and in this book, a wine expert shares his secrets.
• What wines accompany which foods-and how to choose
• Essays, advice, and comments from award-winning chefs
• Covers each course-from entree to dessert, from simple meals to exotic favorites
• Interviews with famous wine connoisseurs on understanding and appreciating wines
• Information on wine-making and maps of the world's major wine regions
• Resource guide to finding the best wine-specialty shops
• Glossary of wine/food terms and advice on how to "read" wine lists
• A primer on the complete history of wine
• Making sense of labels, vintage years, and the best regions

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“The Instant Wine Connoisseur” (2nd Edition) by Mervyn L. Hecht, Judy Lamm

Mervyn L. Hecht has been the wine buyer for a wine importing company for over 10 years. He is the wine columnist for the Palisadian Post newspaper, and a California wine judge certified by the University of California. He teaches a course on French and Italian wine for the UCLA Extension dept. Judy Lamm has been a restaurant food consultant, caterer, party planner and cooking teacher in the Los Angeles area for more than 20 years. She has studied under Roger Jaloux of Restaurant Paul Bocuse, in Lyons France; Jacques Pepin, Wolfgang Puck, Ken Frank, Julia Child, and has attended the leading cooking schools in the world.

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“The Perfect Match: Pairing Delicious Recipes With Great Wine” by Brian St. Pierre

The best-selling Perfect Glass of Wine introduced budding aficionados to the pleasures of the vine. Now The Perfect Match takes readers to the next level: exploring the perfect partnership of wine and food. The Perfect Match is both a guide to the principles of pairing wine with food and a glorious collection of mouthwatering recipes. Author Brian St. Pierre takes the intimidation out and puts the accessibility in, and lists grapes by varietal with descriptions of their principal flavors, virtues as a companion with meals, and the foods they go best with. This artfully photographed volume offers over 70 delicious recipes, many based on the classics of the great wine-producing regions of Europe, as well as contemporary cuisine from the New World. With two handy indexes, one by wine and one by major ingredient, finding the perfect match has never been easier.

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"Discovering Wine: A Refreshingly Unfussy Beginner's Guide to Finding, Tasting, Judging, Storing, Serving, Cellaring, and, Most of All, Discovering Wine" by Joanna Simon

Discovering Wine has been hailed by new and experienced wine lovers everywhere as the classic, approachable introduction to the luscious world of wine. In this revised and updated edition, Simon addresses the latest wine trends and provides brand-new information on vintages recently established in countries and continents around the globe.

More than 250 full-color photographs, maps, and charts beautifully complement Simon's effervescent approach to the fascinating world of wine, and help to dispel the mystique that so often surrounds the subject. She provides the crucial hints that will help you to become a wine aficionado -- virtually overnight.

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"Wine for Dummies" by Ed McCarthy, Mary Ewing-Mulligan, Piero Antinori

The nation's most popular wine primer is now even better. Wine experts Mary Ewing-Mulligan and Ed McCarthy have revised this friendly, unintimidating guide to cover all the latest developments in the wine world: which wine regions are now hot (and which are not), information on new rules for shipping wine and the new vogue for screw-caps, and, of course, updates on vintages, producers, and wine resources on the Web.

As always, the authors deliver just what ordinary mortals need to navigate the wine list at a restaurant or the wine aisle at a store, select a great bottle, and truly enjoy it. They provide an easy-to-understand overview of wine grapes and wine production, a detailed survey of wine regions and producers around the world, tips on tasting wine and pairing wine with food, pointers on wine storage units, and unbeatable guidance on how to choose a decent bottle at an affordable price.

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"Cooking With Wine" by Anne Willan

Internationally renowned culinary expert Anne Willan, founder of the La Varenne Cooking School in France and author of more than 20 award-winning cookbooks, shares her special techniques for cooking with wine in this spectacular full-color cookbook. The 221 recipes, as we have come to expect from Anne Willan, are extraordinary--ranging from such classics as Beef Bourguignon, Salmon in Champagne Sauce, and Strawberries Romanoff to elegant contemporary dishes such as Port Wine Gazpacho and Roasted Lobster with Ginger and Sherry Glaze. Also included are suggestions for wines to drink with each dish. Surprisingly, this is the first major cookbook on this popular subject. Cookbook readers will agree: it was worth the wait.

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"The Wine Lover Cooks With Wine" by Sid Goldstein

The long-awaited follow-up to the best-selling Wine Lover's Cookbook, The Wine Lover Cooks with Wine sets its sights on wine as an ingredient. Whether used to delicately poach fresh fish or braise a hearty stew, wine adds complexity and intensity to food -- not to mention flavor. In his usual engaging style, Goldstein explores a range of wine and reveals how each is used best in cooking. From classic Marsala Chicken to savory pork tenderloin topped with a zinfandel-based roasted-plum jam, each tantalizing recipe illustrates to dazzling effect the benefits -- and pleasures -- of cooking with wine. Complete with enticing photographs of both the food and the wine, this cookbook is an inspiring resource for wine lovers looking to think outside of the glass.

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"The Great Little Food With Wine Cookbook" by Virginia & Robert Hoffman

76 Cooking With Wine Recipes, Pairing Food With Wine, How and Where to Buy Wine, Ordering Wine in a Restaurant

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